Somalia news

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• Worries of Al-Qaida in Somalia

WASHINGTON (AP) — U.S. forces are increasing reconnaissance flights over Somalia, looking for signs that Osama bin Laden’s al-Qaida network is reforming in the lawless African country, U.S. officials …

• UNDP Approves Project to Rebuild Somali Economy

NAIROBI, Jan 4, 2002 (Xinhua via COMTEX) — The Somali Office of the United Nations Development Program (UNDP) Friday signed a new project aimed at assisting Somali authorities to rebuild macro-econom …

• US Doesn’t Need Kenya Base, Says Expert

Dec 21, 2001 (The Nation/All Africa Global Media via COMTEX) — The United States does not require access to bases in Kenya in order to attack suspected terrorist targets in Somalia, a retired US Army …

• U.S. shifts al-Qaida battle to Somalia

BRUSSELS — Bent on keeping Osama bin Laden’s besieged guerrillas from regrouping abroad, the United States is focusing on Somalia, scene of a U.S. military debacle in 1993 and a hotbed of lawlessness. …

• Somalia Holds Foreigners Over Possible Terror Link

MOGADISHU (Reuters) – Somali police said on Friday they had arrested four Iraqi Kurds and one Palestinian for questioning over possible links to Osama bin Laden’s al Qaeda network or other extremist g …

• Now Moi Gives Peace Ultimatum to Somalis

Dec 21, 2001 (The Nation/All Africa Global Media via COMTEX) — President Moi yesterday warned the warring factions in Somalia: “Achieve peace or I close the border again.”

The Head of State s …

Somalia news

Discuss on Somali issues on our Forums!

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Commandos to Target Osama Somalia Bases
London and New York, Dec 14, 2001 (The Nation/All Africa Global Media via COMTEX) — US attacks on suspected terrorists in Somalia could be limited to raids by special forces, including Britain’s Spec …

An intelligence survey
Dec 12, 2001, (Wall Street Journal /FT Information via COMTEX) — An intelligence survey by the Bush administration has found that the al Qaeda terrorist network does not have a strong presence in Som …

UN’s Annan urges US not to widen war on terrorism to Somalia, Iraq
STOCKHOLM (AFX) – The use of military force in the US-led war on terrorism should be confined to Afghanistan and not extended to Somalia or Iraq, UN Secretary General Kofi Annan said.

Asked at …

U.S. Says Talking to Somalia Neighbors on Terror
PRETORIA (Reuters) – A senior U.S. official said on Wednesday the United States was working with Kenya and Ethiopia to identify potential “terrorist” networks in Somalia.

There has been wide …

U.S. Official Accuses Somalia of Harboring Terrorists
JOHANNESBURG, Dec 12, 2001 (Xinhua via COMTEX) — A senior U.S. official Wednesday accused Somalia of harboring terrorists, saying “a number of ways are being considered to cope with the problem”.

Somalia warlords snub talks
Some key Somali faction leaders have announced they will boycott peace talks due to start in Kenya on Thursday, unless the interim administration renounces its claims of being the legitimate governmen …

US turns sights on Somalia terror groups : El-Wak, Las Anod.
AMERICA is using fresh details about the workings of the al-Qaeda terrorist network, gleaned from the rubble of Afghanistan, to pave the way for a new theatre of war in Somalia.

Five military …

More News …

US seeks al-Qaeda bases in Somalia

Team in Somalia May Be Planning U.S. Strikes

Strikes on Somalia Unjustified: PM

Fear of US Strikes Grips Somalia

Anti-Terror Strikes on Somalia Pointless, Says EU Envoy

U.S. Military Meets Warlords in Somalia – Sources

U.S. Allies Seek More Proof

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TV SOMALILAND EUROPE Tv Somaliland Europe Producer (Mr Ali Ibrahim Mohamed )


TV Somaliland Europe waxaad kala soconkartaa
wararka Somaliland,Somaliland Tv, Radio Hargeysa, wararka aduunka, iyo waliba
wargeesyada aduunka.




C/raxmaan Tuur oo yimid dalka

Madaxweynihii hore ee JSL Mr. C/raxmaan Axmed
Cali (Tuur), ayaa shalay, afartii
galabnimo ka soo degay madaarka Cigaal ee magaaladan Hargeysa.
Sida uu xalay sheegay Raadyow Hargeysa oo soo xiganayay ehliyadiisa C/raxmaan
iyo xaaskiisa oo wehelisay waxay dalka u yimaadeen, tacsida marxuum Cismaan
Basbaas oo ay walaalo ahaayeen xaaskiisa, oo dhowaan ku geeriyooday magaalada
Idaacaddu waxay intaa raacisay, in C/raxmaan Tuur iyo xaaskiisu, markay ka soo
degeen madaarka, ay qaabileen wasiirada Duulista iyo Hawada, Warshadaha,
Warfaafinta iyo Wacyigelinta, iyagoo ka tacsiyadeeyey xaaskiisa geeridii
walaalkeed Cismaan Basbaas.
Mr. C/raxmaan Tuur wuxuu ahaa Madaxweynihii ugu horreeyey ee JSL, isagoo xilkaa
hayay 1991kii ilaa 1993kii.

Ganacsiga iyo waxbarashadu isma

La soo noqoshadii iyo madax bannaanadii gooni
isu taaga Jamhuuriyadda Somaliland
ka dib, waxaa dalka ka hirgalay hannaan waxbarasho oo maanta gaadhsiisan
heerarka kala gedisan ee tacliinta.
Ka sakow dedaalka dawliga ah iyo kan shacbi ee loo galay dib u yagleelka
adeegyada waxbarashada, waxaa iyana saamayn weyn iyo door togan ku yeeshay
jawiga nabadgelyo iyo xaaladda ammaanka, in maanta heerka tacliinta dadku gaadho
mustaqbal sare iyo masaafo Jaamacadeed.
Geeddi socodkan waxbarasho ee noocyadiisa iyo marxaladda uu soo maray aynu
tilmaanay waxa iyana geesta kale kaga lamaanaa koritaanka nooca waxbarashada
tooska ahayn (Informal Educatio) oo ay hirgelinteeda iyo dedaalka guud ahaan
waajahan ay ku lug lahaayeen muwaadiniin dalka u dhalatay.
Dadaalkani waxa uu sababay in hannaan iyo nidaam waxbarasho ee dadbai kaabid
baadhitaan togan u noqdo tacliinta tooska ah, isla markaana ay ka aasaasmaan
guud ahaan magaalooyinka waaweyn ee dalka dugsiyo waxbarasho oo kala duwan.
Qodobkan waxbarashada dadban oo marka laga reebo dadaalka ay u galeen dadka
lugta leh, balse uu saaciday nidaamka dawliga ah ee ku waajahan dhinacyada
waxbarashadu, ayaa marka geesta kale laga milicsado uu la yimid dhibaatooyin
wejiyo kala duwan leh.
Ugu horrayn ma laha dugsiyadani manhaj waxbarasho oo loo jaangooyey si
cilmiyeysan iyo jaran jarooyinkii kala duwanaa ee kala heer sareeyey.
Qodobkani waxa uu keentay, in ardayga ka qalin jabiya heer waxbarasho oo dugsi,
uu waayo meel kale oo uu uga gudbo, ka dibna uu jahawareero, halkaana ay kaga
dhantaalanto dhamaystirka waxbarashadiisii, maadaama aanay jirin meel loo sii
Dhibaatada labaad waxay tahay, xagga qiimaha ay wax ku dhigaan ama lacagta laga
qaado ardayga oo aan ku salaysanayn heerka dhaqan dhaqaale ee mujtamaca intiisa
badan iyo qaab nololeedka guud ahaan bulshada baahida u qaba waxbarashada oo
caga jab ku noqotay dhiirgelintii.
Habkan tacliineed ee aan toosnayn waxa kale oo caga jab lagu tilmaami karaa
saddexaad, iyada oo hannaankan waxbarasho ee madaxa bannaani dalka ku hawlani
badan yihiin, marka la eego habdhaqankooda maamul iyo adeeg e dugsiyadan gaar
uga faa’iidaysanaya fursado dhaqaale oo aan lahayn khibrad waafi ah iyo
dhinaca tacliinta ah.
Arrintani waxay keentay sida ay dad badani oo uu dhuun daloola xaaladda
waxbarashadan gaarka ahi, in aanay wahti badana ku liminin tayada waxbarashada
dugsiyadooda, hase yeeshee tixgalintooda koowaad iyo bartilmaameedka yoolkoodu
yahay dhaqaale raadis iyo sidii ay u heli lahaayeen lacag.
Dad badan oo bakhaarlayaal ahaan jiray, ayaa inta badan maamulka iyo mulkiga
dugsiyadani gacanta ugu jiraa, barayaasha wax ka dhigana laguma soo xulo aqoon
iyo waayo aragnimadooda la xidhiidha hannaanka wax dhigista (Teaching
Methollogy), hase ahaatee, waxa lagu soo xushaa xaga khibrad yaraanta si ay
qancaan mushahar yar, maadaama waxa lagu xisaabtamayaa tahay dakhli iyo wax
saar dhaqaale”, sidaa waxa yidhi mid ka mid ah dadka xidhiidhka la leh
oo jawaab ka bixinayay su’aal ku saabsanayd xaaladd dugsiyadaasi, waxaanu
u daray, in soddonka bisha ay qaar ka mid ah dugsiyadaasi soo dareeriyaan
carruurta haddii ay ka baaqsadaan keenida lacagta, taasina si cad u muujinayso
ujeeddada dhabta ah ee loo furtay dugsiga iyo hadafka laga leeyahay fikirka
dareenka noocan ahi ma aha mid ay ka siman yihiin dadka sida gaarka ah ugu dhuun
daloola xaaladda dugsiyadani, hase yeeshee waxa ay qaarkood rumaysan yihiin
aragti taasi ka duwan.
In kasta oo ay jiraan dhaliilo badan oo ku janjeedha dugisyada gaarka ah iyo
guud ahaan waxbarashada dalkaba, haddana waxay dugsiyadani horumar iyo tartan
madax bannaan oo xagga waxbarashada ahi uu dhaco, lana gaadho maanta marxalad
ka furmaan dalka jaamacado iyo machadyo la siman, sidaa waxa ku dooday mid ka
mid ahaa dadka sida gaarka ah u gorfeeya guud ahaan xaaladda waxbarashada dalka
guud ahaan, gaar ahaana tan gaarka ah oo ka jawaab celinaya su’aal ku
aragtidiisa ku liishaaman mawduuca arrintaasi.
Isaga oo sii amaba qaadaya jawaabta su’aashan waxa uu itnaa ku daray,
in aan
meesha laga saari Karin jiritaanka dad ujeedooyin iyo lacag doon iyo duruufo
dhaqaale raadis u geeyey dugiyada, haddana aan dhammaantood loo wada nisbayn
Karin arrintaasi, balse aqlabiyadoodu ay gacanta ku hayaan dad waxbarashada
u ah, nidaamkooda wax dhigiseed iyo tayada tacliintooduna tahay mid fiican.
Haddaba, marka dhinacyo badan laga miliilico, meela laysugu keeno guud ahaan
afkaarta iyo aragtiyaha sida tooska ah ugu waajahan xaaladda waxbarashada gaarka
ah, waxa muuqata in qaabkii ay u bilaabantay iyo u heelanidii dadweynaha ya
badani iska beddeleen.
Is bedelkan ayaa waxa algu sababeeyaa in ka dib markii ay soo baxeen dad uga
faa’iidaysanaya fursadan waxbarashada madaxa bannaan mid dhaqaale uu dhacay
majara habow iyo hoos u dhac waxbarasho.
Si kastaba wax haw jireene, maadaama mabaadiida iyo nuxurka ujeedada waxbarasho
tahay mid sida lagu qeexo looga gol-leeyahay soo saarista mujtamaca is bedel
horumarineed ku sameeya bulshada ay ka reeban tahay dhaqaale ahaan in la saaro
culays ka badan kharash maalmeed qiyaas ku salaysan oo ku saabsan socodsiinta
dugsiga ama goobta waxbarasho, si aanay u joogsan hawlihiisa waxbarasho (Running
coast) oo lagu salaynayo heerka nolosha bulshada iyo tayada adeega waxbarasho
dugsigu bixiyo, waayo waxbarashada iyo ganacsigu isma geyaan.
Sidaa awgeed, waxa la gudboon dadka gacanta ku haya goobahaasi waxbarashada
gaarka ah, in iyaga oo ay ku beeran yihiin ujeedooyin dhaqaale, aanay uga
faa’iidaysan mihnada waxbarasho inay ku marin habaabiyaan hadafka dhab
ee tacliinta.

Shirweynihii ururka Suxufiyiinta oo shalay

Madashii shirweynaha koowaad ee ururka suxufiyiinta Somaliland,
ayaa maalintii
shalay rasmi ahaan loogu soo gunaanaday Huteelka Ming-Sing ee magaalada
Shirweynahan suxufiyiinta waxa isla shalay intaan la xidhin lagu doortay xubnaha
guddida fulinta ee hogaaminta ururka oo ka kooban toddoba iyo toban xubnood,
isla markaana hogaanka ururka hayn doona muddo laba sanadood ah.
Waxaa kale oo mudada shirweynaha fadhigiisii shalay lagu meel mariyey ansixinta
xeer anshax oo ka kooban lix iyo toban qodob oo caalami ah iyo Dastuurka ururka
oo isna ka kooban afar iyo toban qodob.
Dastuurkan ururka ayaa waxay ansixintiisu dhacday, ka dib markii fadhigii
maalintii Axadii ee 9/2/03 soo bandhigistiisa ka bacdi ay falanqayntiisa lafa
gureen ergooyinka shirku wax ka bedelkiisa iyo kaabistiisa, isla markaana guddi
loo saaray soo ururinta nuxurka doodiisa, ay shalay mar kale soo hor dhigeen
fadhiga, iyadoo qodobada qaar wax laga bedelay, qaar cusubna lagu soo kordhiyey.
Waxa kale oo shirweynuhu si iskugu raacay si ku meelgaadh ah saxaafadda xeer
anshaxeedka ka kooban lix iyo tobanka qodob, iyadoo guddida fulintu u saari
doonto guddi hoosaad soo naaqishta oo wixii ka dhiman ku soo darta, iskuna
Guddida fulinta ee shirku doortay, ayaa waxay iyana markii la doortay waxyar
dib iyaguna iska dhex doorteen guddoomiye, laba guddoomiye ku xigeen iyo
xoghaye, kuwaas oo loo kala doortay:
1- Faysal Cali Sheekh – Guddoomiye
2- Maxamed Siciid Muxumed – Guddoomiye ku xigeenka 1aad
3- Faysal Fadhfadhle – Guddoomiye ku xigeenka 2aad
4- C/laahi Aadan Cumar “Wayab” – Xoghaye
Xubnaha kale ee guddiga fulinta oo ka kala socday hay’adaha warbaahinta
suxufiyiinta iskood ugu shaqaysata mihnadan oo ka kooban saddex iyo toban
xubnood, kana kala socday haya’daha Jamhuuriya, Maandeeq, Haatuf, SLTV,
Radio Hargeysa oo dhammaantood min laba xubnood ka socdeen iyo suxufiyiinta
madaxa bannaan (Free lancers) oo ay ku jireen laba dumar ah oo haween ahaan
loogu sharfay inay guddida ka mid noqdaan, waxay magacyadoodu kala yihiin:-
1. Faysal C/laahi Cabdalle
2. Xasan Xiis
3. Muuse Aadan Yuusuf
4. Xasan Maxamed Yuusuf
5. Muuse Faarax Jaambiir
6. C/risaaq Maxamed Dubad
7. Muuse X. Maxamuud Guuleed (Inji)
8. Xuseen Cali Nuur
9. C/raxmaan Maxamed Guun
10. Axmed Siciid Cige
11. Daahir Maxamed Xaddi
12. Ilhaan Aadan Faarax
13. Sahra Xasan Daahir

Siciid M. Xuseen – Hargeysa ( Tv Somaliland correspondent )

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  • If one were to break up many, many painkillers and swallow them, would the death hurt?
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  • Is painkillers cause any damage to our health?


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